Yesterday evening our annual conference, the #FrontlineExChange, drew to a close in London. The final of our topics, the cost of living crisis and poverty, is one that has been increasingly affecting you as social workers and the children and families you support. A key reflection highlighted by all our panellists, but particularly Dominic, was that we actually need to distinguish between the cost of living and poverty, because wrapping everything under the term of the cost of living crisis dilutes the experience of the most disadvantaged who are living in poverty, and are likely to have been since before the pandemic. Key themes that emerged were the importance of supporting and educating families on how to navigate the times we are living in - making sure they know how to access services, but also equipping them and our young people with the skills to budget, manage finances and live sustainably. And secondly, the power of collaboration, and how we need to grow this across organisations, charities and communities to best support those in need. It was wonderful to see so many of you at the event, networking, learning and exploring this ever increasingly important topic. We hope to see you at the next #FrontlineExChange

Posted by Fellowship team at 2023-06-16 15:47:16 UTC