June is declared Pride month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which was a series of protests by members of the gay community in Manhattan in New York, during June 28, 1969. The riots, which became a watershed moment that transformed queer liberation in the States, was in response to police raids and violence against the community. Pride has expanded beyond the US, and modern-day Pride month both honours the movement for LGBTQ+ rights and celebrates LGBQ+ culture. As a charity whose vision is a society where no child’s life chances are limited by their social or family circumstance, we must be constantly vigilant of injustices that limit children’s social circumstances and remain committed to challenging this. The NSPCC link below highlights the risks and challenges LGBTQ+ children and young people face as a result of the ongoing prejudice and discrimination towards the community. (This link can also be accessed via the Learning & development resource folder)

Posted by Fellowship team at 2023-06-09 10:46:22 UTC