Hi everyone, We're really excited to share an announcement with you all. Please see below a message from Mary: I am really happy to share that from 2024 Frontline will be delivering the next iteration of the national fast-track social work training programme, having been awarded the contract by the Department for Education. The programme has same aims – to train and develop more social workers with a systemic approach to practice to make a real difference for children and families, and to bring a more diverse range of people into the profession. There will be some changes, including some we’ve made based on feedback from you all. If you’re interested we’ll be updating our website and social channels so you can keep an eye out there. The Frontline programme plays a major role in helping us achieve our mission as a charity to create social change for children by developing excellent social work practice, leadership and innovation. We are as committed as ever to supporting you, and all the new social workers we’ll be training continue the amazing work you’re doing every day. Sincerely, Mary Jackson CEO

Posted by Fellowship team at 2023-05-26 13:01:09 UTC