📆 Improving the Care System - an invitation from TACT CEO Andy Elvin. The fostering charity TACT is committed to creating better lives for children, young people and care experienced adults. You are invited to an initial virtual meeting to discuss whether you would be interested in being part of a steering group to share ideas and thoughts about doing something active in the Care sector. We aim to identify how key organisations in the sector can collectively support change in language, practice, culture, and behaviour for our children in care and the care experienced community. • We are committed to and looking to form a partnership/collective with other like-minded organisations who want to be activists in pledging a commitment to do better for children in care and care experienced adults. • We want you to collaborate alongside TACT to actively support a symposium event to gather wider interest and focus. • We aim to collectively seek potential funding to develop a similar type of framework or manifesto in England, akin to Each and Every child, developed in Scotland which could be implemented across England and Wales. If you would like to be involved in this initial virtual discussion, please email Sally Bradshaw on s.bradshaw@tactcare.org.uk and share your preferred date. • Friday 14th June - 3 - 4.30pm • Friday 21st June - 3 - 4.30pm • Wednesday 10th July 12.30 - 2pm • Monday 15th July - 9 - 10.30am We will aim to go for the most popular date, I do hope to speak to you soon!

Posted by Fellowship team at 2024-05-21 16:00:46 UTC