As we continue to celebrate LGBTQ+ history month, we wanted to spotlight the insights of Zariyan Syed (he/they) who shared their reflections on the significance of allyship in supporting LGBTQ young people. Zari is a LGBTQ+ care leaver, youth support worker and social work graduate. Here are some takeaways from Zari’s blog on the practical ways social workers can continue to advocate for LGBTQ+ children and young people. Pronouns: Add pronouns to your email signature and introduce yourself with your pronouns if you feel comfortable to do so. Visible signs: Wear LGBTQ+ lanyards, badges and have signs in spaces to foster an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance. Information: Have accessible resources and websites for young people available such as youth groups. Challenge discrimination: Research shows that homophobia, biphobia and transphobia is prevalent within social work. How would you challenge discrimination you witness in the workplace? Celebrate difference: Celebrate other awareness days as well as LGBTQ+ history month, such as Pride month and Transgender day of Visibility on the 31 March. Policy and paperwork: Audit policies, local offers and pathway planning. Do they go far enough in the support they provide to LGBTQ+ people? Training and education: Attend trainings to better equip you with tools and resources to support LGBTQ+ young people. Let's continue to work towards a future where every child, young person an individual feels seen, heard, and valued for who they are.

Posted by Fellowship team at 2024-02-08 17:34:18 UTC