Afternoon everyone, I wanted to share the post below which was written by one of Frontline's Principal Practice Tutors (Lara Parish-Mackin). LGBTQ+ History Month Today marks the start of LGBTQ+ History Month. Founded in 2004 by Schools OUT co-chairs, Paul Patrick & Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders LGBTQ+ History Month is an observance of the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movement. As with celebrations of other subjugated histories, the marking of the celebration is also an opportunity to challenge the confinement of that celebration to a single month. LGBTQ+ history is history, and a knowledge of it is central to our understanding of the present, and a guide to our shaping of the future. The D&I working group wanted to also challenge the confinement of one aspect of identity and throughout this month we will share stories/articles and invite discussions that allow an intersectional approach to LGBTQ + history month. We will provide a focus on Mental Health, Race and disability. I wanted to start the month by considering children in education, which in terms of history marks 20 years (November 2003) of Section 28 being repealed in England and Wales. For those who may not be aware from 1988-2003 this piece of legislation prohibited schools and colleges from discussing LGBTQ + issues and identities in a positive light. The right to an inclusive education is still a relatively new concept within the LGBTQ + community and not one that I was fortunate enough to experience during my formative years in education. Ensuring that education is inclusive benefits all children in terms of well-being, mental health and creating a culture of respect and ability to explore their individuality. Even with progress in some areas, there remains significant issues in how children experience their years in education and currently the worrying targeting of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people is mirroring the homophobic rhetoric of the 1980’s. The current draft non statutory guidance for schools (government draft guidance), which focuses on Trans children is out for consultation until March 2024, however there are already polarised views about how this may be adopted and what impact this may have for children if they are unable to freely question their identity within a supportive environment. Organisations such as Stonewall have provided their response to the guidance, highlighting their worries and the potential impact for children. It would be great to hear from others about what you or your organisations are doing throughout the month. Please share and lets celebrate together!

Posted by lisa.zaranyika at 2024-02-02 14:03:07 UTC