Evening everyone, I hope this finds you all having a great start to the week. I am writing ahead of Race Equality week which starts next week (5th - 11th February). The theme for this year is #ListenActChange which places emphasis on the importance of allyship and collaboration, within organisations, to ensure racial equality. Myself and colleagues across Frontline will be taking part in the five-day challenge, with five challenges to be completed across the five days Race Equality week. The five challenges are as follows: Day one (Monday 5 February): Microaggressions Day two (Tuesday 6 February): Different cultures Day three (Wednesday 7 February): Public praise Day four (Thursday 8 February): A culture of belonging Day five (Friday 9 February): The big promise You can find out more about the five day challenge via the link below: https://www.raceequalitymatters.com/5-day-challenge/ Please do share with your colleagues, teams and wider organisations. It would be great to hear from others taking part, and to share learnings and reflections on this platform.

Posted by lisa.zaranyika at 2024-01-29 18:20:51 UTC