Hello everyone, Many of you are likely to be aware of a number of speeches that have been made at the Conservative party conference over the past few days, with particular reference to the messages that have been communicated in relation to some of our most marginalised communities, groups and individuals. The escalation on Wednesday of a particularly harmful rhetoric directed towards the LGBTQIA+ community has led me to reach out. I understand the fear, hurt and sense of invalidation that such rhetoric can generate as well as the hostility and aggression it can embolden. I send this message on behalf of everyone at Frontline to say that we stand in solidarity with all our LGBTQIA+ participants. We recognise the principally hostile focus that has been directed towards the trans community and extend strength and support to our trans participants particularly. At Frontline we strive to hold steadfast to the social work commitment to anti-oppressive, anti-discriminatory and anti-racist practice and invite you all to do the same. Please look out for and support one another, and know that we are here to support you too. Warm regards, Lisa Zaranyika Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Director

Posted by Fellowship team at 2023-10-06 10:14:16 UTC