October is Free wills month, a reminder of one of those tasks that we all need to do. In true Frontline tradition, family comes first. Looking after your loved ones will always be your priority when writing a will. But once you have taken care of your family and friends, you might wish to consider leaving a gift to other causes close to your heart, or to help provide for others who are in need. Frontline wants no child’s life chances to be limited by their social or family circumstances. A gift in your will can allow Frontline’s social workers to be there for some of the most vulnerable children in society, now and in the future. We'd be so grateful for any gift left to Frontline. No matter what size gift you leave, large or small, it really will make a lasting difference and enable us to continue our important work supporting vulnerable children and families. Visit our legacy page to find out more 🔗https://bit.ly/45iq266

Posted by Fellowship team at 2023-10-04 13:25:53 UTC