Fellowship Coaching (up to x4, 1 hour sessions) LIMITED SPACES You can apply for fellowship coaching if: * You are a Minority (by Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Sexuality or Disability) in your workplace * Lacking in self-confidence but eager to return to social care practice * Struggling to adjust to changes in your workplace * Burned out and thinking of leaving social work * You have an upcoming challenging conversation at work that you would like support with. Applications are assessed on a weekly basis and you can expect to hear from us within five working days. Please note spaces are limited per month, if you are unsuccessful please reapply when spaces reopen the following month. If you have any questions or are unsure which offer to apply for, please contact the fellowship team via the chat function or email the fellowship@thefrontline.org.uk

Posted by Fellowship team at 2023-04-19 17:12:18 UTC